The Youth Enterprise with Innovation in Nigeria (YouWin!) programme is a collaboration of the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Communication Technology (CT), and the Ministry of Youth Development that will launch an annual business plan competition (BPC) for aspiring young entrepreneurs in Nigeria, in line with the Federal Governments drive to create more jobs for Nigerians. The programme will be implemented in partnership with Nigerian private sectors, which will be requested to provide funding support.



Objectives of the programme

The main objective of the Youth Enterprise with Innovation in Nigeria (YouWin!) programme is to generate jobs by encouraging and supporting aspiring entrepreneurial youth in Nigeria to develop and execute business ideas that will lead to job creation. The programme will provide aspiring youth with a platform to show case their business acumen, skills and aspirations to business investors and mentors in Nigeria.





Specific objectives of the programme

·         Attract ideas and innovations from young entrepreneurial aspirants from Universities, Polytechnics, Technical colleges and other post – secondary institutions in Nigeria.

·         Provide a one - time Equity grant for 1,200 selected aspiring entrepreneurs to start or expand their business concepts and mitigate start up risks.

·         Generate 40,000 to 50,000 new jobs for currently unemployed Nigeria youth over three years during which the three cycles will be implemented.

·         Provide business training for up to 6,000 aspiring youth entrepreneurs spread across all geo – political zones in Nigeria.

·         Encourage expansion, specialization and spin – offs of existing businesses in Nigeria; and enable young entrepreneurs to access a wide business professional network and improve their visibility.



In line with objectives of the (YouWin!) programme, the CEI conducted an interactive session for the successful forty participants of the YouWin (a Federal Government Initiative to promote SMEs) awardees in the Ibadan environs. A two – day training/workshop was held for South – Western Ibadan, February 21 – 22, 2013, in collaboration with Pan African University. The training outlines include the following;



Day 1                                                                          Day 2

Arrival and Registration                                             Registration

EDC – Welcome                                                         Finance

Marketing                                                                    Finance

Tea Break                                                                    Tea Break

Industry Analysis                                                        Finance

Lunch                                                                          Lunch

Industry Analysis continued                                       Female entrepreneur

Operation                                                                    Business Plan Template

Close                                                                           Close


A one – day workshop was also held on Tuesday, 30 July 2013 held at the Adigun Agbaje hall at the Centre for Sustainable Development (CESDEV) University of Ibadan.

A one-on-one interactive session was conducted for Ondo, Osun and Ekiti States women awardees in Akure on Wednesday, 31 July 2013.

Subsequent interactive sessions for YouWin awardees were also conducted, they are:

·         YouWin Awardees Interactive workshop for Oyo and Osun States awardees in Ibadan held on Friday, 20 February 2015.

·         YouWin Awardees Interactive workshop for Ekiti and Ondo States awardees in Akure held on Friday, 27 February 2015.

Feedback forms were distributed at the end of the trainings to the participants; this is to help evaluate the success rate and anticipate aspects that can be improved upon.