University of Ibadan Student Business Directory

The University of Ibadan Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation was established to be the leader in positively transforming society through entrepreneurship and innovation. One of the ways we are set to fulfill this broad mandate is to help students unlock and support their entrepreneurial ideas and business ventures.

CEI is therefore creating a STUDENT BUSINESS SUPPORT DIRECTORY to help University of Ibadan students showcase their entrepreneurial activities and business ventures and share their stories. Giving visibility to our students’ entrepreneurial activities would hopefully help showcase the University and attract business accelerators and other forms of support to develop the entrepreneurship skills of the students. Such businesses and entrepreneurship activities would be a main feature of the CEI website.

The Interested students should supply their details using the following link on the CEI website

They should also follow the link below to upload any entrepreneurship success stories they have.

Hard copies of completed forms could be submitted on or before March 30th 2018
to CEI, 15 Awolowo Avenue, Bodija.

Please help circulate widely.