The Small and Medium Enterprises Development Agency of Nigeria [SMEDAN], in collaboration with the Nigerian University Commission [NUC], and the Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation of the University of Ibadan organized a Train – the – Trainers programme for lecturers in Nigerian Universities and other tertiary institutions with bias for entrepreneurship education. Facilitators of the trainings were drawn from the International Centre for Entrepreneurship and Career Development, Ahmedabad, India and one of Nigeria’s foremost entrepreneurship consulting outfit- Adebola Sobanjo & Co.





·         To broaden and deepen the Agency’s reach across the country.

·         Accelerate the development Entrepreneurship Education in higher Institutions.



The training was therefore, targeted at prospective Resource Persons and Managers of the Entrepreneurship Development Centres of tertiary Institutions to help bridge noticeable gaps in programme delivery while ensuring the emergence of a generation of innovative, opportunity – seeking and exploiting entrepreneurs.

The training was targeted to 150 participants with each prospective participants expected to show evidence of being a lecturer and current engagement in enterprise development activities. Each participant was charged with a fee of #50,000 which covered tutorial and training materials only.

The training was held at two centres (Abuja and Ibadan) with training schedule as follows:

Date:   November 26th – 30th, 2012.

            (NUC Auditorium, Abuja)    

            December 3rd – 7th, 2012.

            (University of Ibadan)