This is a programme meant to mark a new beginning to every worker in the University of Ibadan approaching retirement age. The objective is to help workers plan so as not to confront sobering economic problems in twilight years. The course shows that retiring from employment need not be calamity.







The first Pre – retirement workshop took place between 3rd and 5th July, 2012 held at the Akponoluo Etteh board room of the postgraduate school. The workshop was commenced with the opening ceremony by Prof. I. F. Adewole, Vice Chancellor, University of Ibadan. He urged the participants to always run away from unnecessary risks and gambling. Specifically, the workshop dealt to a great extent, with the following topics:





Ø  Realities and Challenges of Retirement

Ø  Sustenance in Retirement

Ø  Investment Opportunities

Ø  New Pension Scheme

Ø  Developing a Business Plan

Ø  Financing

Ø  Small Business Management

Ø  Business Opportunity and Supports

Ø  Staying Healthy and Youthful

This was not without the wonderful contribution on each subject by the Director of CEI (Prof. Mrs. Gbemisola Oke). This was in addition to her personal desire to nurturing this group of participants into real success.

Other noted observations include the following:

a.       Request for a Follow – Up of the Workshop.

b.      Review of Gratuity and Pension under the New National Pension Scheme.

c.       Tax Clearance Certificate


Things that each of the participants would not forget in a hurry are many and inexhaustible but include the following:


1.    The opportunity created by the new idea of inviting ‘staff within five or more years to retirement’. The effect would be longer period for preparation.

2.      It would remain as great drive and motivation to excel in any chosen field during retirement.

3.      What a great challenge to each participant!

4.      The erasure of the fear of the unknown in retirement that were hitherto in each one of us. Whereas the conviction to succeed is now more solidly established.

5.      The realistic tips to succeed and the cautions not to tread on the part of uncertainty and failure




The Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (CEI) organized another in the series of its Pre – retirement workshop also the same year for the staff of University of Ibadan. This was because of the point that consistently featured on the need to hold the workshop much earlier than was currently the case. In order for the training to be optimally beneficial, it was recommended that staff within five or more years to retirement should be invited to participate.

The second Pre – retirement workshop took place between 23rd – 24th October 2012 at the Intellectual Property Office, CEI, Faculty of Technology, University of Ibadan. The highlights of the workshop include:






11.00- 12.00pm

Realities and Challenges of Retirement

Prof. Soyibo



Understanding the New Pension Scheme

Mr. Olafare



Staying Healthy and Youthful

Dr. Adebusoye



Small Business Management

Dr. Orioke


Business Opportunities, Types and Legal Issues

Mrs. Sodipe



Activity: Entrepreneurship Support Agencies

Dr. Diji