The CEI offers two tracks of M.Sc programmes viz Academic and Professional. There is also a Ph.d programme in the pipeline.

1. M.Sc Entrepreneurship Education (Academic)
The CEI conducts the academic M.Sc Degree programme for a minimum period of three semester and a maximum of 5 semesters for full-time students. The first two semesters shall be for course work and seminars while the third semester shall be for project work.

2. M.Sc Entrepreneurship Studies (Professional)
The M.Sc Entrepreneurship studies is also conducted by the CEI, for a minimum of three semesters for full-time students. The programme, which shall be in modules, shall allow the entrepreneurs the flexibility to undergo the programme in convenient portions and be awarded the commensurate certificate or diploma as the case may be.

The Course Coordinator for M.Sc Entrepreneurship Programme is
Professor Adeolu Adedapo
Department of Veterinary