Intellectual Property Policy Dissemination Workshop


Title:         Intellectual Property Policy Dissemination Workshop

Date:   20th February 2016

Executive Summary:  

A dissemination workshop of the University of Ibadan with the following highlights of activities in succession:

·         Posting of the draft UI IP Policy on the UI website

·         Editing of the draft IP Policy

·         Presentation of the edited draft IP Policy at the Technical Working Group (TWG) and

·         Obtaining Senate Approval

·         Printing of the UI Policy

·         Launching and dissemination workshop of the UI Policy


Posting of the draft UI IP Policy on the UI website

The University community was informed about the presence of the Draft IP Policy on the University website through the 17 April 2012 special release of the University bulletin #2860. Through this comments and suggestions on the draft IP Policy were invited from April 17 to May 4. Another notice, extending the draft was finally removed from the website on May 21, 2012. The only comment recommended the inclusion of Indigenous knowledge. Since indigenous knowledge was currently on the curriculum of the Centre for Sustainable Development, the suggestion could not be affected.

Editing of the draft IP Policy

 The policy was thereafter copy edited by professionals.

Presentation of the edited draft IP Policy at the TWG and Senate approval.

The edited draft policy was examined again by the TWG to reflect all comments and suggestions. The final document which was completed on the 31 May, 2012 was presented to the committee of Provosts and Deans for approval. The UI Intellectual Property Policy was approved by the Senate of the University on 16 October 2012.


Printing of the IP Policy

A total of 2,000 copies of the UI IP Policy were printed for distribution within and outside the University.

Launching of and dissemination Workshop on the UI IP Policy.

The UI IP Policy was launched at the IP Policy Dissemination Workshop. The Dissemination Workshop took place on 20 February 2013 at the University Senate Chambers. Participants include Principal Officers, Deans, Heads of Departments and Senior Administrative Staff from across the University community as well as from the STEP-B office in Abuja.

The following papers were presented:

·         Overview of the UI IP Policy: Presented by Prof. Yemisi Bamgbose (The Dean of Law Faculty)

·         The Policy as it affects UI staff: Presented by Mrs. Simisola Akintola (Law Lecturer)

·         The Policy as it affects students: Presented by Mrs. Jadesola Lokulo-Shodipe (Law Lecturer)

·         The use of the UI IP Policy for UI and beyond by Prof. Gbemisola Oke (Director CEI)

Copies of the IP Policy were distributed to all present. A total of 1,500 copies of the IP Policy were sent to the Deputy Vice-Chancellor’s (Academic) office for onward distribution to all faculties, Centres, Units and Institutions within the University. Through the Office of the University Librarian, copies of the policy were forwarded to the National Library for the purpose of establishing the position of leadership in the subject category. The UI IP Policy was further circulated to a total of 42Universities and 50 Law libraries all over Nigeria.


The University of Ibadan Intellectual Property Policy has been developed and circulated to many institutions in Nigeria, and this was made possible by the generous support of the STEP-B Project to the University of Ibadan. On behalf of the staff and members of the CEI, I wish to sincerely express gratitude to the STEP-P implementation officers led by Prof. Ayotola Aremu and the Technical Working Group of the IP Policy Committee led by Prof. Yemisi Bamgbose. Profound appreciation also goes to the National STEP-B office and the World Bank as a whole.