IFEOLUWA OLATAYO approached the centre for assistance and was welcome with opened arms, where she was also introduced to the ETR 301 course.

Armed with ETR 301’s training and push from CEI, Ife began her food delivery business on campus, which she called Mama Foods. At this stage of test marketing she decided to proceed cautiously, embarking on only the essentials. This was an idea of lean operation that she was taught during ETR 301.

Ife believes that the making of a successful student entrepreneur is first above all, dependent on passion. “You must be passionate about the business you’re starting or else you’ll run out of energy and give up” but she believes passion alone is not enough, you need the training and education to be able to answer certain questions as they arise in business.

As time passed on, she identified, a viable business idea, she realized that her customers- University students, are denied possession of refrigerators in their hostels, yet they needed soups and perishable items, thus her new company was born, Soupah Kitchen.

Soupah kitchen is an exciting business with the unique approach to helping students enjoy home-cooked meals in their various hostels. Soupah kitchen was exclusively formed to produce and sell products such as frozen parboiled pepper, frozen steamed vegetables, shredded okra, minced cochorus, etc. aimed at the students of University of Ibadan.

Soupah Kitchen now has 4 outlets on U.I campus; at the SUB, the Mini Mart (popularly known as black market), at Queen Idia Hall and at Obafemi Awolowo Hall. This fledgling business also has an outlet targeted at working mothers, bachelors and busy parents, situated at Mokola, Ibadan.

Her focus and dedication has earned her both national and international recognition and awards. She represented the University of Ibadan in European-Nigerian Students Entrepreneurship Workshop organized by Oxford Brookes University, U.K where she led a team that won the most creative business idea. She also served as a student entrepreneur delegate at the First African Enterprise Conference where, afterwards, she was awarded as a Student Entrepreneur with Difference by the Enterprise Development Centre, Pan Atlantic University.